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SASSA Reapplication: Get Your R350! Urgent Steps to Reapply for SASSA & SRD Benefits NOW

SASSA Reapplication: This article explains how to reapply for SASSA’s R350 and SRD programs. These programs, run by the South African Social Security Agency, offer money to help people in Africa. The article will guide you on confirming your reapplication for these grants.

SASSA Reapplication

This article gives important information about reapplying for the R350 and Social Relief of Distress (SRD) monthly grants. These grants started during the COVID pandemic to help low- and moderate-income people in Africa. The article explains what these grants are, their benefits, and more.


The South African Government offers these grants to help citizens with extra income. They are given each month to unemployed and low-income families. To get these benefits, people need to apply.

The R350 and SRD are electronic grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). People who apply and qualify get a certain amount of money from the government. But, if someone’s application is turned down due to wrong documents or details, they have to apply again to get the grants.


What are R350 and SRD?

SASSA Reapplication
SASSA Reapplication

The R350 and Social Relief of Distress (SRD) are government programs in Africa that give monthly financial help to those who need it. The R350 is for people who are jobless and struggling to afford basic daily needs. This program started during COVID-19 and has helped over 8 million people.

The SRD offers R350 each month, but only to certain people who qualify. Now, the government is allowing people to reapply for these monthly grants. Individuals who need this aid can submit a new application for it.


Reasons for SASSA Reapplication

Your application was rejected for reasons like:

  1. Identity Verification Issue: The authorities couldn’t match your details with the Department of Home Affairs’ records.
  2. Wrong Age: You are either younger than 18 or older than 60, which is not the eligible age for SASSA applications.
  3. Getting Other Government Help: You were found to be receiving other social benefits from the government during verification.
  4. UIF Benefits: You are already getting money from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
  5. Other SASSA Grants: You have applied for or are getting another grant from SASSA through the Federal Government.

These are the main reasons why your application might be turned down, and you would need to reapply.


How to Submit the SASSA Reapplication?

To reapply for SASSA, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SASSA Government’s main website.
  2. A new page will open. Click on the option to update your SASSA application.
  3. Enter your ID number and mobile number.
  4. You’ll be taken to another page to update your information.
  5. After updating, resubmit your application. You can check your application status online.

These steps are the same for both the R350 and SRD grants. Make sure to follow them carefully and provide valid, current documents. This will help improve the chances of your application being accepted.


How to Confirm SASSA Reapplication for R350 and SRD?

After submitting your reapplication, you can confirm it by:

  1. Visiting the official SASSA website.
  2. There, you can check the status of your application by entering your mobile number.

If you encounter any problems during the reapplication process, you can get help by either calling the SASSA authorities at 080 0601 011 or by emailing them at


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