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EI Sickness Benefits 2024: What Are Sickness Benefits Under Employment Insurance?

Are you temporarily unable to work due to illness, injury, or quarantine? You might be eligible for the EI Sickness Benefits 2024 program. This guide will walk you through what you need to know about this essential financial support system.

EI Sickness Benefits 2024

Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) is more than just a unemployment support; it’s a multifaceted program offering financial assistance to those temporarily unable to work due to health reasons, as well as caregivers and new parents. Eligibility hinges on specific job prerequisites, and benefits vary based on local unemployment rates, income, and employment duration.


Exploring Sickness Benefits Under Employment Insurance

EI Sickness Benefits cater to individuals unable to work due to illness, providing up to 55% of earnings, capped at $650 weekly, for up to 26 weeks. The scheme also extends to new parents and caregivers, offering compassionate care benefits for those needing to take time off for critically ill family members.

Reports must be filed bi-weekly using the government’s “Internet Reporting Service” to continue receiving these benefits.


Qualifying for EI Sickness Benefits

EI Sickness Benefits 2024

Qualification requires a set number of hours of insurable employment within the last year or since your last claim, with a required minimum of 420 to 700 hours, depending on the unemployment rate in your area. A significant reduction in weekly earnings and a medical certificate confirming your inability to work are also necessary.

The Application Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Don’t delay your application; starting the process as soon as you stop working is crucial. Here’s how to apply:

  • Collect your personal and employment details, including your Social Insurance Number and banking information.
  • Apply online or at a Service Canada Center.
  • Obtain and submit a medical note and employment record.
  • Have your healthcare provider fill out the Medical Certificate for EI Sickness Benefits.
  • Complete the application and submit all required documents.

It typically takes about 28 days from the establishment of eligibility to receive your first payment.

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