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BC Minimum Wage Increase: What is Expected Minimum Wage Increase 2024 for British Columbia?

Get all the details about BC Minimum Wage Increase 2024: What is Expected Minimum Wage Increase for British Columbia? Every country protects its citizens by deciding on a minimum wage for them. The authorities make provisions that govern the citizens as well as ensure they are being reimbursed with a fair payment. Let us study the BC Minimum Wage Increase ahead.

BC Minimum Wage Increase 2024

In the current scenario of increasing prices for almost all commodities and services, the base pay is the only companion of the working class in the region. It ensures that the people are able to afford the daily essentials.


There has been an increased relevance with the increasing inflation that further increases the CPI. The BC Minimum Wage Increase is an excellent initiative of the Government. These rates are raised every year, considering the economic context.

What is BC Minimum Wage Increase?

The people employed in British Columbia are entitled to receive the base wages fixed by the officials. Only those engaged in the services of the Federal departments shall not receive this wage. They shall be paid as per the standards of the federal minimum wages.


Those who work for the standard working hours can demand the BC Minimum Wage if the same amount is not already compensated to them. At least CAD 16.75 is paid to all the employees after the increase for the current financial year.

BC Minimum Wage Increase 2024
BC Minimum Wage Increase 2024

What is the Expected Minimum Wage Increase for British Columbia?

The updates in this amount are done after the authorities study the inflation rate of the region. Further, the expected changes in this measure are also taken into account. These wages must be provided to the employees no matter how frequently they receive the remuneration.


Each province in the country has a separate base pay for its people. In BC, this amount is even higher than that of the federal Government. The previous standard of the minimum wage in BC was CAD 15.65, which was increased by CAD 1.10. We have shared the yearly increments to the base compensation below.

YearMinimum Wage
2019CAD 13.85 hourly
2020CAD 14.6 hourly
2021CAD 15.2 hourly
2022CAD 15.65 hourly
2023CAD 16.75 hourly

The above data signifies a continuous increase in the base pay. This is due to the increasing cost of living in the region.


Minimum Wage for Different Occupations

Most of the workers are governed as per these standards. At the same time, some occupations have slightly different compensation rules. We have shared the details of a few of such workers in this section.

People working in liquor services are responsible for serving food and drinks to visitors. They often receive tips as they are in direct contact with the customers. After the revisions in 2021, they are also included under the purview of the minimum wage regulations. At present, they are entitled to receive CAD 16.75 for each hour they work.


The live-in camp leaders in the region are paid a different wage. They receive the remuneration for the entire day in place of the hourly pay. For each day that they are employed, the employers are obliged to pay them at least CAD 133.69.

Some people work as live-in home support workers. They take care of the individuals who require medical assistance and stay in their residences. Presently, they receive CAD 127.43 for the entire day or a partial workday. This amount has observed an increase of more than CAD 8.


Individuals who are employed to ensure that the premises are well maintained are known as resident caretakers. In British Columbia, they receive monthly remuneration. In case the person is looking after a property with less than sixty suites, their minimum wage is CAD 1002.53 in addition to CAD 40.17 for each suite. Whereas the caretakers of premises having more than sixty-one suites receive a base pay of CAD 3414.85 each month.

Additionally, certain workers are compensated as per a price rate. This rate is measured in accordance with the amount of work finished by the worker. Hence, it becomes necessary that such workers are informed about the price rates in advance. There are even differences in this price rate as per the nature of the task. More details about the minimum wage can be accessed from the leading portal of BC.


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