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2024 EI Max Payout in Canada: Are You Eligible to Claim It?

Discover the Surprising Secrets of 2024’s Max EI Payments in Canada – Read Now to See If You Qualify!

EI Maximum 2024

When you’re not employed, Employment Insurance (EI) serves as an important financial safety net. If you qualify for the maximum EI in 2024, you’ll receive 55% of your average weekly insurable earnings, up to a certain cap.


The highest amount of income that is subject to Employment Insurance (EI) premiums is referred to as the maximum insurable earnings (MIE). The MIE is used to calculate the highest weekly benefit rate for all types of benefits under the EI program.

2024 EI Max Payout in Canada
2024 EI Max Payout in Canada

Stay on this page to gather all the necessary information about the 2024 Employment Insurance Maximum, including its specific details and the criteria for eligibility.


What is the Maximum EI Payment in Canada?

The Employment Insurance (EI) program in Canada is a vital resource for those in the workforce who are currently out of employment. It primarily targets individuals who are jobless and actively looking for work, or those who are seeking to enhance their job skills.

The EI program also caters to people who are unemployed due to certain life events. This includes individuals who are ill, parents of newborns or newly adopted children, those caring for a gravely ill family member at risk of dying, or caregivers of someone seriously ill or injured.


For applying to the EI program, there’s an accessible online application process. This user-friendly system provides step-by-step instructions throughout. If you don’t have access to the internet or a suitable device for completing the application online, public computers, like those found in libraries, are available for use.

Post TitleEI Maximum 2024
EI Maximum amount55% of your income
Max Insured earnings$61,500
More InformationLocate Here

What is the Maximum EI Payment in Canada?

The standard calculation for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits sets the rate at 55% of an individual’s average insurable weekly earnings, subject to a cap. The term “Maximum EI Payment” refers to the upper limit of income that can attract EI premiums.


From January 1, 2024, the maximum annual earnings eligible for insurance will be $63,200. This means the highest weekly benefit you can receive is capped at $668. In 2023, employees contributed EI premiums on earnings up to $61,500. The top weekly EI benefit has increased, ranging from $638 to $650.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for Employment Insurance (EI) Regular benefits depends on the nature of your job loss and your employment duration prior to termination. To qualify, you must demonstrate that you:

  1. Were employed in a position covered by insurance.
  2. Lost your job for reasons beyond your control.
  3. Experienced a minimum of seven consecutive days without pay or work in the past 52 weeks.
  4. Accumulated the necessary insured hours during either the past 52 weeks or since your last EI claim began, whichever period is shorter.
  5. Are ready, willing, and capable of working daily.
  6. Are actively searching for employment.

The calculation of your EI benefits is based on your highest earning weeks in the last 52 weeks or since your last claim started. The duration for which you can receive EI benefits varies and depends on the local unemployment rate and your total insured hours.

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